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Formwork Cleaning

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All About Formwork Cleaning

Formwork is a vital part of any major construction project, but once the building has been completed, what happens next? After the formwork structure has been taken apart, it has to be cleaned. Formwork cleaning is a difficult and dirty task that requires a strong solution.

At Hydroblast we understand that formwork contractors need a cleaning solution that not only gets their equipment clean, but will also extend its lifespan and protect it from damage. That’s exactly what we can provide.

We can offer a comprehensive form work cleaning service using modern, suitable equipment. Our staff are all fully trained in this work and can carry out a variety of different services, working with circular column formwork, ground beam formwork and tunnel formwork alike.

Alongside our formwork cleaning service, we can also clean other surfaces such as metal and scaffolding, helping to extend the life of your poles and decking by getting them thoroughly clean without damaging them.

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