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Water Jetting Training

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WJA Approved Training

Hydroblast Ltd. provide water jetting training, offering open courses every second Thursday of the month at our training base in Gatenby, North Yorkshire. Other dates are available on request. We also perform onsite training throughout Great Britain and Ireland, and we can even travel overseas. We will arrange a time to suit you, whether this is a working day, out of hours or during weekends. We offer this at no additional cost.

Hydroblast Ltd are registered and authorised company for delivering WJA Training Courses accredited by City & Guilds. The training courses we provide, and deliver are the Intellectual Property (IPR) of the Water Jetting Association.

We are also audited and subscribe to the WJA Standard Operating Procedure for Water Jetting Training. This training is accredited by City & Guilds, ensuring that you and your staff are trained to the water jetting industry standard.

The logo is and remains the property of City & Guilds and the WJA is allowed (under licence), to use it to promote their own Training Programmes and Courses that have been assessed by City & Guilds and deemed to have met their criteria’.




WJA Approved Training

Open and Onsite Courses

During all of our courses, our first priority is your safety.

All of our courses offered are based on the WJA Blue and Red Codes of Practice. We use our own presentation equipment and provide course hand outs and WJA Codes of Practice as required.

We are licensed to supply the following courses.

  • One Day Safety Awareness Course (SA)

We can also supply the additional training modules:

  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning, (DS)
  • Surface Preparation, (SP)
  • Tube and Pipe Cleaning, (TP)
  • Hydro-demolition, (HD)
  • Pressure Washing (PW)

We provide successful candidates with a Certificate of Training and Operator ID cards which combines a passport size photo and the wording from the Medical Card on the reverse side.

Course Information

Our courses offers all aspects of safety, ensuring that participants are aware of the fundamental functions of the machine. This enables the operator to have a full knowledge and understanding of how the machine is required to work whilst in operation whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.

Training can be either on your site or at our premises, where we have excellent training facilities. Our courses are both classroom-based and practical on the job, using the tools if applicable. This will vary depending on trainees’ experience.

Our Water Jetting Courses are presented to suit the majority of applications whether your company is a drain cleaning contractor or a large industrial national company.

Course Objectives

The main purpose of our course is to educate trainees on water jetting safety so they can operate high pressure equipment with minimal risks.

Main Objectives:

  • Have a detailed knowledge of all the hazards associated with pressure washing
  • Understand the principles of the more commonly used items of pressure washer equipment and systems
  • Have a clear understanding of the special needs for maintenance, inspection and testing of pressure washing equipment on a regular basis


  • Understand the potential hazards of incorrect assembly or other misuse of water jetting hoses, guns, lances and nozzles
  • Have a detailed knowledge of the nature of water jetting injuries and the action to be taken in the event of an accident
  • Understand the requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) and its limitation in service
  • Understand the correct safety procedures necessary for pressure washing operations
  • Have a detailed knowledge and awareness of the applicable Code of Practice for the Use of Water Jetting Equipment and associated legislation.
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Book our open courses online today, or contact Hydroblast Ltd. to arrange a different date at your site or our North Yorkshire training facility.

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