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Would You Believe This?

Despite Hydroblast offering free Water Jetting Safety Awareness training we received an e mail recently with a picture attached  from a customer asking us, is this safe? (See Fig,2)

First of all this is definitely not a safe way to operate this equipment. Let’s go through this picture, first of all we must look at the operator(s) hands – holding this hose. Yes operators, there is two people holding this hose. This hose is under 1000 bar pressure, and they ask us the question below????

Water Jetting Safety

Fig. 2 This is dangerous,

This is the email which we received from the ‘operator’:

“One of the lads has reported a split in the hose on the  washer this morning (picture attached). I’m concerned that if we continue to use it with a split in the hose it will burst and endanger the operator?    Do you have a hose repair kit that you can come and use to fix the hose…if not am I right to assume we need to purchase another one?”

From seeing this image and reading the email, our attention was instantly drawn to the Water Jetting Association’s Blue Code of Practise. The Blue Code of Practise states that high pressure hoses should never be repaired or re- ended.

We advised the customer to stop using the hose straight away, and advised them to remove this hose,destroy it and replace it immediately. The customer even went on to ask is there no warranty on hoses , and its less than 12 months old.

Customers/ Users must understand the brutal conditions hoses operate in: getting pulled, dragged, scrapped over concrete, steel, rubble, sharp stones and harsh environments generally. Hoses should be loved. hoses should be cared for and inspected daily, They should be looked after. After all care and maintenance pays off, and prevent accidents from happening.

If you are using a high pressure water jetting machine and notice that it is damaged in some way then please stop using it straight away. Using broken equipment can cause damage to you and the task in hand. If you are unsure about using a piece of equipment then contact the manufacturer for guidance and advice on the matter.

Water jetting safety is something we take very seriously. We want our team to work safely, for their own benefit but also for the benefit of the client and environment. We can train people in how to use all manner of water jetting equipment safely and effectively.

Alongside this, we pride ourselves on how safely we operate our equipment on site. Contact us today and see what we can do for your business and to learn more about water jetting safety.