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Using Industrial Water Jetting in Hydrodemolition Projects

With an increase in the demand for hydrodemolition experts to carry out partial or full demolition work via high powered water use, we offer Industrial Water Jetting Services and complete solutions for a wide range of demolition requirements.  Industrial Water Jetting uses the unique robotic Aqua Cutter system and the innovative Equal Distance System (EDS) our equipment uses mean that safe, precise and eco-friendly hydrodemolition work is delivered.

Industrial jetting involves, as the name implies, the application of high powered hydroblasting on large scale requirements. It also requires precision and accuracy to ensure a professional and efficient service is delivered. Our fully qualified technicians ensure that this is achieved with all tasks and jobs which they are engaged and deployed to undertake.

How Industrial Water Jetting Works

In most cases hydrodemolition work can be carried out via either manual application of the EDS equipment or through using the remote, robotic Aqua Cutter for areas that are difficult or complex to access. In cases where neither can be used to the most efficient effect for the job, we offer the comprehensive service of constructing Jet Frames to meet specific requirements and needs. The jet frame system is most commonly used for heights above six metres and in locations where it is either difficult or impossible to get conventional equipment to. Jet frame deployment of industrial jetting is commonly used for underground work, with it being possible to move the structure of the frame in via a small entrance such as a manhole and then construct it where the work is to be carried out.

Industrial jetting via our adaptable jet frame system offers the same benefits and service as one would get from using the standard solutions on offer. This means that, as with the remote robot and manual solutions, the jet frame system delivers a precise, efficient hydrodemolition experience that is environmentally friendly and exceeds the high standards in place for Health & Safety requirements in respect of demolition work. As the EDS system removes vibration from the process you are also assured that no structural damage affects buildings in close proximity.

Our unique approach and innovative systems can be adapted to complete and demolition task professionally and safely. We have set a high standard in the efficient use of industrial jetting for hydrodemolition projects. We can make any precise task that seems impossible to do with regular demolition work entirely possible.