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Water Jet Paint Removal

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Our highly-trained staff know how to use these machines to their optimum advantage, stripping away unwanted substances while preserving the surface being cleaned.

We can clean the floors in industrial settings such as factories and warehouses, we can safely remove unsightly graffiti, and we can remove built-up layers of paint or protective varnish ready for your machines to be repainted. We’ll even remove extremely hard substances such as epoxy resins.

Paint is used in all kinds of settings, providing a decorative or protective covering for all types of vehicles, walls, floors and much more. But what happens when you need to remove paint from a particular surface? This can be a very difficult job, particularly when you want to get rid of the paint without damaging the surface.

Paint remover, varnish remover and harsh solvents and chemicals are not always appropriate as they can be too corrosive on certain surfaces, not to mention the environmental and health hazards they pose. If you’re in search of a better alternative, contact us at Hydroblast and ask about our AquaJet water jetting machines.

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Don’t waste time with harsh chemicals and scrubbing – let Hydroblast do the work when it comes to paint and varnish removal. Contact us today for a quote or some advice.