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Concrete breakout to base of vertical steel plate storage tanks

Recently we received a call from a company that installs and refurbishes glass-fused-to-steel tanks. Occasionally they have to take down or rebuild these tanks which involves breaking the concrete away from the base.

They have been breaking out the concrete around the base using using pneumatic or electric breakers, which leads to the problem  HAND ARM VIBRATION SYNDROME (HAVS).

This process has been slow and costly for the company , meaning they may use teams of three of four men , working over a three or four week period to break out the concrete from the base of the tank.

We have used our Ultra High Pressure water jetting machine to break out the concrete quickly and has reduced the risk of HAVS.

The job has been completed by Hydroblast , using ultra high pressure water , in 3 working days leaving an excellent result.


Concrete Breakout Concrete Breakout Concrete Breakout