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2.6 tonne rated kevlar and polyester 6mm Whip Checks

Working with any high pressure hose, whether it is handling fluids or air , whip checks should always be used.

Braided Wire whip checks have been used , however after use they themselves become dangerous when using , with wires starting to fray , and even when wearing gloves , the frayed wires can puncture the skin on your hands.

whip check 4

Hydroblast have invested in a New Model Hose Whip Check , which has been tested to a breaking load of 2600 kg. The new hose whip checks are easy to use and have 3 International Patents. The new hose whip checks are certified by APAVE & UNIPI.

Working with high flow pumps and at high pressures giving high reaction forces means we strive to use the latest “safest” equipment.

Pictured below is my Red Spectacle case trapped in the easy to use Soft feel , 6 mm steel wired  checks covered with Kevlar and Polyester.

Anyone interested in buying these from us , please contact us

( *note they are available in different sizes) 

whip check robot 3