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We mentioned in a previous post that we are proud sponsors of a competitor in this year’s Outlaw Triathlon challenge who is raising money on behalf of the National Deaf Children’s Society. We decided that we would give you an insight into what the Outlaw Challenge is and involves!

What The Outlaw Challenge Is:

The Outlaw Challenge is a long distance triathlon event. This is one of the endurance calendar’s toughest events and sets the bar high. Around 1450 people are scheduled to take part in this year’s event – one of the key events on the sporting calendar for Nottingham.

Having existed since 2010, there are a total of sixth competitors that have completed each one of these events and will be aiming to make it seven in a row. The idea is to complete the challenge in 17 hours or less, if you achieve this then you will become an outlaw.

The outlaw challenge takes place at Nottingham’s National Water Sports Centre. As the name suggests with a triathlon, there are three intense stages. These are:

  • A 2.4 mile swim across the National Water Sports Centre’s lake and back. This is a simple course to navigate and you exit at the stage to transition to the cycle stage
  • A 112 mile bike ride is next up; this has great surfaces that will allow you to push yourself, with the odd climb in here and there. The general flatness of the course shouldn’t fool you though, the climbs need to be taken into consideration, as well as the fact that there is a run to follow as your legs will be tiring.
  • Finally a 26.2 mile run is the last stage, going round the lake and onto the river Trent path taking in some of the city’s main sites. This takes multiple laps, and has been diligently measured by UK athletics.

The event brings in thousands of spectators for the day, and buses run from the Water Sports Centre in order to let people line the route before returning to a festival atmosphere where


Thom’s NCDS top with Hydroblast sponsorship!

competitors can celebrate their achievements for the day.

Why are Hydroblast a Sponsor for a Competitor in the Outlaw Challenge?

Hydroblast like to give something back to the community and for the greater good, we believe that by being Thom’s shirt sponsor and helping out a great cause such as NDCS we can help make a difference to young people’s lives – both by sponsoring the cause and raising awareness of it by sharing more information about Thom’s preparation and participation in the event!

You can sponsor Thom here