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Not looking after your machinery can leave it vulnerable to several issues. However, identifying these issues and understanding when your machinery needs cleaning is not always so easy. As a general rule of thumb, your machinery should be cleaned on a regular basis, but if your industrial machinery displays any of the following issues, it may be time to schedule in a clean.

1.       Reduced flow rates and high differential pressures

Reduced flow rates and high differential pressures could cause havoc to your business, slowing down the efficiency of your entire operation. If you notice a reduction in your machinery’s flow rates and a drop in pressure across the system, this could indicate that there is a blockage.

Among high-water pressure cleaning’s many benefits is its ability to unblock tubes, removing any stoppages which could be causing your business time and money.

2.       Impure bi-products

Anaerobic activity amongst other things can lead to sludging and other nasty bi-products in industrial machinery. When left to build up, these undesirable deposits could give off toxic fumes such as hydrogen sulphide (H2S). To test whether your industrial machinery is affected by impurities, it is important to take regular samples of the finished product to determine whether there are any traces of elements in the product which shouldn’t be there. If impurities are detected, your industrial tank and pipes need cleaning.

One of the most effective ways to remove unwanted deposits from tanks and tubes alike is to use high-pressure water jets. Able to reach even the most difficult of areas without the use of scaffolding, high-pressure water jets are an efficient and cost-effective solution to your industrial machinery cleaning needs.

3.       Temperature efficiency drop

Another tell-tale sign that your industrial machinery needs cleaning is when a temperature efficiency drop is identified. Measured using thermocouples, thermistors or other resistance temperature devices, a drop in temperature indicates that there is either a sludge build-up or a blockage in the system restricting the transfer of heat.

Using high-pressure water jetting, industrial systems can be efficiently flushed-out and cleaned of sludge and debris, increasing the machinery’s productivity.

At Hydroblast we offer a professional, effective and safe solution to meet all of your industrial cleaning needs. If you would like to request a quote for a job, or if you simply want some advice about any of our areas of expertise, contact us directly.