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Hydrodemolition is fast becoming one of the best demolition solutions on the market and this is, in part, thanks to its versatility.  High and ultra-high pressure water jets are so versatile that they can be adapted to suit a wide variety of applications.


Water Jet Applications in Europe and Beyond

In the UK, Hydroblast has been involved in a variety of small and large scale projects including the upgrading of existing vehicle parapets in London, the sealing off of Kellingley Colliery in Beal and school chewing gum removal in Nottingham.

And water jets aren’t just used in Britain. Further afield, water jets have been used on applications ranging from bridges in St Petersburg to building projects in Singapore.


St Petersburg

This $1.6 billion dollar bridge construction project in St Petersburg, Russia, required the help of high-pressure water jets to remove excess concrete from the inner steel structure of the supporting pylons. As the bridge pylons stood some 120m high, safety was paramount. To overcome this challenge, two Aqua Cutter robots were affixed to the Aqua Spine, doing away with the need for scaffolding and eliminating the risk of operative injury.

Why high-pressure water jets were used:

  1. The project developers wanted to remove concrete from the pylons without compromising their inner steel structure.
  2. The job required access to a hard-to-reach area (120m in the air).
  3. Safety and efficiency were top priorities.



When the previous contractor responsible for Singapore’s new MRT Downtown Line went bankrupt, the project came to a resounding halt. To make up for lost time and get the project back on track, water jet cutting robots were brought on site and run for 24 hours a day. Cutting an average of 250m2 of concrete per day, the efficient and precise cutting of the robots soon completed the task.

Why high-pressure water jets were used:

  1. The project was running behind schedule and needed a huge boost in productivity to get it back on track. As hydrodemolition robots are not limited to normal working hours, the job could be completed in superfast time.
  2. Concrete could be removed without damaging the rebar.



Water jet cutting robots are commonly used to rectify issues of all shapes and sizes. One such instance was in Queensland, where two high-pressure water jet cutting robots were brought in to remove a defective wall from a mine which had been poured using an incorrect batch of concrete.

Why high-pressure water jets were used:

  1. The working time for the project was reduced (what would have normally taken six months took the hydrodemolition robots just four weeks).
  2. The job could be completed without the nearby railway having to be shut down and without having to erect scaffolding.

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