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Hydroblast’s Efficient Waste Water Treatment Process

Our high pressure pumps require the use of clean water. This means that after we have completed a hydrodemolition job, there are often large quantities of waste water left over. As we are an environmentally conscious company and always careful about health and safety, we have a Waste Water Treatment process in place to ensure the water is treated in the correct way which minimizes water wastage and minimal impact on the environment.

During the water blasting process, this clean water will become contaminated with material from the surface that is being cleaned or demolished. Hydrodemolition creates water with a high pH and suspended solids over 2000mg/litre. Water in this kind of condition cannot be simply released straight back into water courses or poured down drains, as it could be extremely harmful and cause contamination of the surrounding environment. It is vital that the water is treated to remove harmful substances, and we have the resources and knowledge to do this.

As we are highly experienced in hydrodemolition, we have developed solutions which allow us to successfully treat the water and make it safe again, so we can continue to operate in an eco-friendly and safe way. We have cutting edge waste water treatment process equipment which can adjust the pH of the water to a safe level and reduce the total solids to a much lower amount, rendering the water safe to be discharged back into the environment without any risks.

This waste water treatment process is fast, effective and will ensure that you can get the hydrodemolition services you need without having to worry that the work is causing damage to the surrounding environment. If you would like to know more about our hydrodemolition services or discuss how we can carry out effective waste water treatment, get in touch and we will be able to inform you further about what we do.