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School Half Term Allows for Chewing Gum Removal

Hydroblast received a call from an academy school in Nottingham requiring our chewing gum removal services. Our task was to remove chewing gum from the pathways leading up to the school entrance. The client wanted the pathways to look new again and inviting to pupils, parents and potential customers.

Our Task

Upon an initial visit to demonstrate our chewing gum removal machine the client was very pleased and asked us to re-attend and complete the entire task during the Easter half term holidays.

For this task we used the Falch T30H %00 bar machine and hot water at 98 degrees. Using this machine creates minimal fuss in removing chewing gum and other debris. As this task was relatively small, we opted to use hand lancing techniques as these are ideal for smaller jobs such as this. Both hand lancing techniques have been used for a wash down, as well as using a Scater 5 which allows for vacuum recovery collecting all waste easily in a disposal box .

Pathway all clean and client very pleased Chewing Gum Removal

Pathway all clean and client very pleased

Why Is There a Need For Chewing Gum Removal Services?

Chewing Gum is one of the most terrible ‘foods’, if that’s even what it’s classed as. This food is non-biodegrable meaning that it will stick around forever unless you choose to get rid of it. Children and chewing gum seem to go together like salt and pepper so it comes as no surprise that many of our chewing gum removal services are located outside of schools.

When dropped, chewing gum becomes sticky and very unsightly. Pavements, roads and floors which are covered in chewing gum are very unattractive and very hard to clean unless you have the right equipment. When removing chewing gum, using water jetting alone is simply not enough, these tasks require hot water and high pressure water jetting. This combination enables roads, pavements and any other outdoor surfaces to look as good as new. Our services allow for high quality results with minimum stress!

T30H 500 bar 98 degrees hot machine cleaning away chewing gum Chewing Gum Removal

T30H 500 bar 98 degrees hot machine cleaning away chewing gum

Have you got an outdoor surface which is covered in chewing gum? Call Hydroblast today for a quote and more information on our Chewing Gum Removal Services.