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Hydroblast were contacted by a company relating to the quality of work that had been undertaken by another company.  The work involved removing wording that was of poor quality and yellow lines that had also been applied which were not up to standard.  Due to the sensitive nature and the embarrassment that this could have caused the customer Hydroblast were contacted to ask if the wording and the yellow lines could be removed as quickly and efficient as possible with minimum disruption.

Hydroblast mobilised within 24 hours and agreed with the customer that they would undertake the work during the night. This meant that the work would be completed for the start of a new working day.

Using their 3,000 bar high flow pump, Hydroblast attached a specialist piece of equipment that is designed to ensure there is no overspray. This means that the water jet is controlled and will only remove the target paint and not damage the concrete underneath. This extremely high pressured jet is then focused on the paint lines and they are removed quickly.

Even though it was a big job the work was completed in a timely and efficient manner, the road was even open in time for the morning traffic. The customer was absolutely delighted with the work that had been undertaken and the time-frame it was completed in.

yellow lines road marking removal

Hydroblast’s equipment is designed to distribute high pressured, yet controlled, water jets. This means that our skilled workers can be meticulous with how much power to use, making sure that they only remove what is intended and avoiding damage to surrounding materials. This also makes it an extremely eco-friendly road marking removal method, no detergents or washing chemicals are used yet the result is often better than other methods that risk damaging the environment. Water jetting is also extremely effective with other forms of paint removal including; graffiti, paint shops, indoor line marking removal and a lot more.

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