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Effective Method for Removing Corrosion

The traditional method of removing corrosion from steel and other metals is shot blasting – however due to the use of chemicals and salts this can cause corrosion to occur below the paint which is later applied to the surface.

We can remove rust using just water, leaving minimal mess and meaning that there are no compounds left on the surface to cause further corrosion. This allows for effective surface preparation, so you can paint the surface without issue.

How to Remove Corrosion Using Water

When removing corrosion, the last thing that you want to do is to create more corrosion in the future, this is way using shot blasting is not an efficient method for the process. Using high pressure water jetting, however, is an extremely efficient method for removing corrosion. Corrosion can be very hard to remove because its so tough, brittle, and often leaves you wondering if it would be easier to just replace the corroded item.

High pressure water jetting makes the task of corrosion removal incredibly easy and time efficient. As a tool ,water is often underrated, with no chemical or solvents added makes you question just how effective this method actually is but water jetting is becoming more and more popular as a choice for industrial cleaning. There is little that water cannot clean or remove making it a favourite tool for many.

Removing corrosion is not the only thing which Industrial Water Jetting can be used for. Other areas of use for High Pressure Water Jetting include Graffiti Removal, Formwork Cleaning, Chewing Gum Removal, Floor Cleaning and much more. If you would like to find out more about Removing Corrosion, get a quote for a task, or just some advice then don’t hesitate to contact Hydroblast directly or browse through our website to find out some of our other services.