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Paint Removal in Action

Our Cruise Ship customer called us and asked if we could mobilise our equipment to a port on the south coast of England to provide our paint removal services. We love taking on new tasks, and if that means hopping on board a cruise ship for a period of time then we will happily oblige!

trailer uhp machines lifted on board ship - Paint Removal

We were required to lift our two Trailjet 100 Ultra High Pressure 2500 bar jetting machines onboard the moving cruise ship along with our floor cleaners for the paint removal task. Our job was the remove paint from the 220m of steel deck on levels 8 and 9. 220m may not sounds like a lot of paint to remove but in total there was over 450m2 of paint to strip off the cruise ship!

We love a challenge and our clients provided us just that with this task. The client requested that all paint was to be completely removed and contained, this meant no overspray to adjoining cabins or equipment which was onboard the ship.

Paint removal can be quite a timely process but we successfully completed removing all paint from the 220m of decking. This fast and efficient method of paint removal allowed the ship inspectors to fully check the decking before any repainting to take place to ensure all was up to standard. Our service took day and night to complete and when we finished, we had sailed up the coast and reached our final destination. the North of England port.

Paint Removal

When the task was completed we were swiftly shipped off the boat and our machinery was even lifted off by cranes! The cruise ship soon fully boarded up with new passengers and supplies and continued its journey to the Norwegian Fjords.

The following day we received an e-mail from the Chief Officer onboard the ship ¬†–¬†“Good to see and work with you once again, the work went well, thankyou.”

We also offer this service to other shipping companies so if your decking is in need of our paint removal machines then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and we can talk to you in more detail about the task in hand.




two uhp pumps fixed securely on board the ships' deck - Paint Removal