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Why is Pipe Cleaning Important?

Pipe cleaning is an incredibly important consideration for all industrial industries. Why? When ill-maintained, pipes can and often do become blocked with unwanted deposits. These deposits leave the pipes susceptible to a myriad of problems ranging from reduced flow rates and high differential pressures to impure bi-products.

What is the Process of Pipe Cleaning?

Clearing pipes and tubes of unwanted deposits can be an incredibly difficult process. This difficulty stems from three main factors:

  1. Access to the pipes

Some pipes are enclosed in systems such as heat exchange units and boilers.

  1. Varying pipe sizes

Pipes are manufactured in a variety of diameters and lengths.

  1. Bends and turns

To fit into differently shaped spaces, most pipes will have at least one bend or turn.

At Hydroblast, we use an ultra-high pressure flexi-lance system to efficiently and effectively clean pipes of all shapes and sizes. The high-pressure water exerted by the lance cuts through and removes the material build-up inside the pipes, leaving them clean, sparkling and ready for work.

Pipe Cleaning in Action

Recently, Hydroblast was tasked with cleaning a client’s Aluminium Deflector Tool. This tool had, unfortunately, been blocked with cement. It was vital for this tool to be vigorously cleaned as it was an incredibly important piece of equipment which would be expensive to replace.

To successfully clean the Aluminium Deflector Tool and remove all of the block cement, Hydroblast used an ultra-high pressure water jet system.This piece of equipment, handled by our experienced staff, was ideal for the job, as it managed to clean and remove all of the blocked concrete in just a few hours! Now, the Aluminium Deflector Tool was as good as new!

aluminium tool blocked with cement nuclear industry

Aluminium tool blocked with cement

nuclear industry


nuclear industry

Aluminium tool free from cement

If you’ve noticed that your industrial machinery needs cleaning, contact us today and find out how we can help!