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Client Response from Industrial Water Jetting Service

Forth Ports PLC to Tilbury Dock got in touch with us to ask us to clean away some stubborn parking bay markings on the road in a very busy port area – an ideal solution to use Industrial Water Jetting!

This task was completed in October 2009. Our client urgently required our services as he needed the markings to be removed as soon as possible. For time efficiency, our team utilised a Trail Jet Ultra High Pressure pump together with a Scater 25 as we determined these were the most suitable equipment for the job.

This was the client’s opinion of the work we did:

“Thank you to the whole team at Hydroblast. Not only for their work, but also for the fast response time. The Port environment can be a challenging one, throwing up new situations all the time that have to be dealt with, but Hydroblast were great. There was no hassle or messing about – they just got on with the job.”- Ian Wright, Port of Tilbury London Ltd

Marking Removal Using Water Jetting

Water Jetting is incredibly useful when it comes to task such as Marking Removal, especially when time is of the essence. Markings are used in a range of instances such as school keep clear areas, indoor and in this case parking bays. Markings are easy to make however the trouble comes when you try to remove them. The ingredients used within markings is constructed to make them hard wearing which lends itself as a bit of a challenge when it comes to removing them.

Water Jetting is an invaluable tool when it comes to the removal of markings. The pressure from the jets makes the process of marking removal a lot easier than other traditional methods. When markings need to be removed in areas with a lot of foot traffic its important to think about the health and safety effects. Traditional methods of removal may include using chemicals or solvents, however these ingredients can cause fumes which can contaminate the environment. Water Jetting only requires water and a power supply which makes it a safer option and also beneficial to those who pass near the area being worked on.

Learn more about using Industrial Water Jetting for Road Marking removal here. Alternatively if you would like to use one of our services then please contact Hydroblast directly who can advise you on the best options for your task and offer you a quote.