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Our Waste Water Treatment Equipment

We have become known as one of the UK’s leading providers of hydrodemolition services for both the quality of our work and the fact that we are always very conscientious about health, safety and environmentally friendly practise. One of the main factors which allow us to work in an eco friendly manner is our waste water treatment equipment.

Clean water is used during the hydrodemolition or water jetting process, never salt water or recycled water. We bring large quantities of clean water to the site to use with our water jetting equipment, using trucks pulling 30,000 litre road tankers. When the process is over we are left with water that has a much higher pH and level of solid materials. This means the water is not safe to release back into the environment straight away, as it could cause extensive damage to drains and to the surrounding environment. This would not only go against the ethos of your company and be damaging to the environment, it could also result in a lot of expense and even legal action. This is why, at this stage, it is vital that a thorough, effective water cleaning process is applied so that the water can be returned to a safe, clean state.

Using our innovative waste water treatment equipment, we are able to treat waste water and render it safe so that it can be released back into the environment without causing contamination. This ensures that the work is completed according to the required government guidelines.

Contact us now to learn more about hydrodemolition and the water cleaning process. However large or small the job, you can rest assured that we will carry it out in a safe manner and leave you with excellent results.

Alongside these services, we can also take care of all high pressure water jetting tasks including the removal of chewing gum and general cleaning, as well as repairing and maintaining your water jetting equipment.