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our instructionsA civil engineering company employed Hydroblast to cut precast concrete panels.

These panels required some modification, so we used our Aqua Cutter 410 Evolution Robot


Hydroblast were brought on board for this task, due to the precision of our robots when it comes to the cutting of precast concrete sections. Speak to Hydroblast today if you have a project that requires the safety and precision of hydrodemolition from a skilled and knowledgeable team.

The use of high pressure water jets rather than conventional techniques such as saws or jack hammers is a much better option for the concrete, as too much vibration can cause damage to the rebar. Using Hydrodemolition for concrete cutting is more precise, and better for precast concrete.

Hydroblast have built up years of knowledge and experience when it comes to hydrodemolition, as well as being leaders at investing in new technology that makes us able to take on a wide range of specialist tasks. Safety of our team and those on site is a huge priority of ours, along with making sure that the environment is protected from our processes.