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Hand Lancing, the Traditional form of Hydrodemolition

Hand Lancing is a traditional form or Hydrodemolition. The hand lancing method involves an operator holding a lance which creates a reaction force on the human body. This approach can be dangerous to the un-trained user and is a more strenuous form of Hydrodemolition.

hand lancing

Uses for Hand Lancinghand lancing

This is a conventional method which should only be used for smaller jobs as it is much more physically demanding than other methods. If you are searching for a Hydrodemolition solution for larger jobs then Robotic Hydrodemolition will be the suggested method for you.

Hand Lancing with Hydroblast

Hand lancing hydrodemolition is just one of the various services that we offer at Hydroblast. We possess the latest in high and ultra high pressure water jetting apparatus, As this demolition method is better suited to smaller jobs, you may select this service for minor tasks and choose robotic hydrodemolition for larger or more challenging work.

All of our staff at Hydroblast are experienced and have expertise on all types of Hydrodemolition, leaving them able to identify the correct pressure and volume combinations to ensure completely effective, thorough and safe work when it comes to hand lancing and use of the equipment.

We have invested in the latest cleaning attachments and are constantly updating the technology we use so that we can remain the most modern option for all our clients when it comes to high pressure water jetting.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Hydrodemolition Services, or if you would like to enquire about hiring equipment from us for your staff to use, get in touch with us. It has never been easier to get rid of damaged or unwanted concrete than when you’re working with our state of the art equipment. Contact us today.