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Formwork Cleaning With Water Jets

We offer a full formwork cleaning service using our specialist equipment, and operated by fully trained staff – including circular column formwork, ground beam formwork and tunnel formwork.


Formwork is an essential part of major construction, it is the name given to either permanent or temporary moulds used for concrete. But once building is complete, what do you do with it?

After disassembling the formwork, it needs to be cleaned – an unenviable task! Formwork contractors need an effective solution to safeguard the lifespan of their equipment, and this is where Hydroblast come in. In addition, we can offer scaffolding and metal cleaning, helping to extend the lifespan of your poles and scaffold board decking.

How Do We Clean Formwork?

It’s essential that formwork is cleaned properly to ensure that it is safe. There are a couple of methods for formwork cleaning however water jetting is among, if not the best, option. Using water jets allows every millimetre of the formwork to be cleaned to the highest of standards. By using only water within the water jets makes this method incredibly environmentally friendly. The power which comes from the water jets removes any dirt, grime or buildup on the formwork without damaging the equipment.

Formwork is not cheap to buy and this is why only safe and effective cleaning solutions should be used. Using chemicals or solvents could easily damage the framework and leave you with a costly bill to fix or even replace. Water Jetting allows for a professional clean with minimal effort. Time is always of the essence and delegating a large period of time to cleaning formwork is not cost effective. Using water jetting for formwork cleaning is time efficient as well as being very easy.

If you would like to find out more about Formwork Cleaning and how we can help you, get a quote, or just some advice, contact Hydroblast directly.