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Hydroblast’s Concrete Deck Removal Services

We are often asked about our Concrete Deck Removal services and what we provide. At Hydroblast we provide Concrete Removal using our Hydrodemolition Equipment. This sounds like it may be pretty damaging to material below, such as rebar, however our equipment is designed to only remove the concrete leaving the rebar undamaged and completely in tact.

See the image below for an insight into how our Concrete Deck Removal equipment works. The Hydrodemolition equipment manages to successfully remove all concrete in the designated space whilst leaving the rebar in place.

You’ll also notice that there is only a rectangular area of concrete removed from this decking. In this instance, our client only wanted a specific area of concrete removed whilst leaving the remaining concrete undamaged and un-cracked. For some machines, the sheer vibration from the machine may make this request seem impossible however with our Aqua Cutter machine, you can select the area of concrete to remove and contain the pressure to that area alone.

Concrete Deck Removal

Why Do We Use Hydrodemolition for Concrete Removal?

Hydrodemolition is an incredibly versatile technique which is used for a whole range of tasks including Concrete Removal but we are often asked why this method is preferred, well there are many reasons for us choosing Hydrodemolition, here’s just a few of those reasons.


When removing concrete there are a few options which you may choose to complete the task including chiselling, using a jackhammer and Hydrodemolition. Hydrodemolition is by far the safest option for concrete removal for a couple of reasons. Our Hydrodemolition equipment is used via remote control as opposed to hand operation. This means that the operator can work the machine from a safe distance preventing themselves from being put in any danger or injuring themselves.


Concrete is often used for walls, floors and ceilings, and in this case decking. Our Hydrodemolition machines allow us to remove concrete no matter if its horizontal, vertical or overhead. This makes this machine incredibly versatile – no matter where the concrete is that needs to be removed, our Hydrodemolition robots are able to complete the task and make it look effortless.


As mentioned earlier, our Hydrodemolition robots are incredibly accurate in their work. Our Robots can perform selective demolition which means that concrete can be accurately removed down to a set depth and area and no further than programmed.

If you’re in need of Concrete Deck Removal or any other Concrete Removal¬†services then don’t hesitate to contact Hydroblast directly for advice on the task in hand and a quote.!