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Road Surface Retexturing

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Reduce Safety Hazards By Creating The Right Road Textures

When it comes to roads, safety is of the highest importance. Roads can sometimes lose their anti-skid properties due to years of use, resulting in a potentially dangerous surface. Road surface retexturing can restore the road to a safe, practical surface.

Our high-pressure water jetting equipment can be used to retexture roads, restoring them to their former quality and improving safety.

Using powerful jets of UHP water, we blast away the “tar binder” from the surface of the road and restore it back to the clean, anti-skid surface it used to be.

Not only will this process improve the surface of the roads, it will also cut down on unnecessary expenditure as the road will require less maintenance and repair work.

With our top of the range apparatus, the job becomes quick, easy and efficient.

In this picture you can see the contrast between the untreated areas and the retextured tracks where our machine has already been.

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