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Our Service for Cleaning Vehicles

Whether you just need to maintain your vehicle, it is coming up for its MOT or you need to keep it prepared for its DVSA routine maintenance inspections – cleaning vehicles is important. We use high pressure water jetting to ensure effective road traffic film removal, as well as the removal of dirt, grime and salt – varying the pressure so as not to damage the vehicles’ paint. We can cater for wagon washing and van cleaning, individual vehicles to whole fleets.

Taking care of your vehicles is important for a whole host of health and safety reasons. Putting your life or your employees lives at danger is just not worth it so invest in some vehicle cleaning.

At Hydroblast, we use Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Equipment designed to leave your vehicles in a spic and span condition every time. We have a talented team of experienced professionals who have been trained to use the latest equipment. Whether you’re a small scale local company or a large scale fleet, Hydroblast are happy to help.

Benefits of Using High Pressure Jetting for Vehicle Cleaning

  • Using High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment may at first seem at bit excessive for vehicle cleaning however in the grand scheme of things, this type of industrial cleaning ensures that the customer receives a more accurate, environmentally friendly service. We adhere to a waste water treatment process to ensure all waster water is collected and recycled.
  • We take health and safety very seriously at Hydroblast and we will not cut corners to finish a job faster. All of our team possess the latest qualifications and have a thorough understanding of the health and safety requirements of each job. That being said, using this form of equipment for vehicle cleaning allows better time efficiency, less downtime during cleaning and allows you to get back on the road quicker.
  • High Power Cleaning Equipment on vehicles allows you to remove grime, dirt and salt whilst not damaging the structure of your vehicle. Watch this video below to see how quickly the appearance of this lorry improves in such a short period of time!

If you would like to find out more on how we use water jets for Vehicle Cleaning, get a quote, or just some advice,contact Hydroblast directly.