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Water Jet Chewing Gum Removal Service

With a combination of a highly experienced team and access to the most modern and innovative jetting equipment available on the market, we’re even able to handle very difficult jobs that many other water jetting companies are unable to deal with. One of the most challenging cleaning tasks we face is chewing gum removal. Dropped gum can end up getting trodden into the ground and hardening, causing a mess that is really difficult to clean up. This is a common problem and one that we deal with on a regular basis.

Falch Water Jetting Equipment

Regular water jetting machines are usually not capable of getting rid of gum, but with our powerful Falch water jetting machines, we are able to remove the substance quickly and efficiently. The high pressure jets dislodge the gum and blast it away, creating a clean, clear surface with minimal effort required. Our Chewing Gum Removal Service can remove even the most stubborn chewing gum from the pavements and concrete surfaces outside your home or business, vastly improving the appearance of the area.

Hydroblast Cleaning Services

From chewing gum removal services to getting rid of unsightly graffiti, our cleaning services can ensure that the exterior areas of your home or business are kept clean, attractive and hygienic. Whether you just want a big one-off clean to get rid of long-built-up dirt, or if you would like us to regularly clean the area and keep it looking fresh in the long term, we can provide the service you need.

Alternatively, you can hire or purchase Falch water jetting equipment from us and carry the work out yourself. If you choose this option, we can provide training for your staff to ensure proper handling and safe use of the equipment. Get in touch with us today if you would like to learn more about any of our services.