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According to statistics, a staggering 980 cases of cancer are diagnosed in the UK every day. When faced with this illness, many of us, naturally, become despondent and upset, but not our accounts manager, Janet. Forever positive, Janet fought cancer head-on with a smile.

Inspired by Janet’s unfaltering determination and driven by a fervent desire to help, Hydroblast’s operations director, Mr Ross McDonald, signed up for an Ultra White Collar Boxing charity event. Dubbed one of the most difficult sports in the world, this event would be no easy feat!

To prepare for the big day, Ross stuck to a stringent diet and trained relentlessly at the gym in Ripon for eight weeks. Despite the aches and pains, Ross never missed a session and was determined to go through with the experience.

When the day of the event arrived, the atmosphere was electric. With 15 fights scheduled across the night, the event hall flooded with spectators and competitors all in support of cancer.

Ross was first in the ring. Gloves on and gum shield in, Ross fought like his life depended on it. Two rounds down and Ross was dominating his opponents, successfully beating other competitors who had been boxing for years! Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, Ross was narrowly pipped to the post in the third round.

The event was a massive success, raising a whopping £22,000 for cancer!

If you, like Ross, would like to raise money to help towards Britain’s fight against cancer, check out these handy fundraising tips.