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Wastewater Plants

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Hydrodemolition and Water Jetting for Wastewater Plants

Hydroblast have a great deal of experience in both the renovation and cleaning of wastewater plants, achieving excellent results on both the walls and floors of tanks.

Maintaining a clean concrete structure is especially important in buildings such as wastewater plants and sewage treatment facilities. Using our high pressure water jetting equipment, we can remove contaminated concrete or clean the surfaces in order to produce a disposable effluent. This is performed without causing harm to the surrounding environment and preventing pollution. Our knowledge and equipment will get the job done quickly, safely and effectively.

Wastewater treatment tanks can easily be renovated using our robotic hydrodemolition systems. Our highly advanced robots can achieve fast and safe results, even when required to work at height and in compact spaces.

Enquire today at Hydroblast for more information on any of our water jetting services. We will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Hydrodemolition and Water Jetting for Wastewater Plants

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